Jim DeFreece Auto Parts & Recyclers - Quality used car and truck parts, recycled parts, aftermarket
We're always trying to expand our used automobile and truck parts inventory with the best possible cars and trucks available.  Just because a car or truck isn't a fully functioning assembly doesn't mean it should be scrapped completely.  There are always quality parts to be recycled from wrecked automobiles and trucks and Jim DeFreece Auto Recyclers will do everything we can to ensure you're getting the best part for the best price, guaranteed.
Here's what we've recently purchased-
'11 F150 SC 4X4       '14 CMAX
'09 F150 REG. 4X2           '02 CAMRY
'10 VERSA                        '08 F250 4X2 5.4L
'02 EXPLORER V8             '05 LESABRE
'08 ALTIMA 2.5S               '05 TRIBUTE
'09 ENCLAIVE                   '08 CALIBER
'17 FOCUS SDN.        '02 PASSAT S.W
'04 IMPALA               '13 EXPLORER POL.
'02 LIBERTY              '04 F150 EXT. 4X4
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